What's so great about skateboarding?

Thinking of picking up skateboarding? Getting back into it after a break?
Trying to convince your parents to buy you your first board and need a few points to get them on your side? Then you’re in the right spot

Physical/mental health

Skateboarding is a physical activity and with that comes the usual benefits! you’ll start to increase your fitness level, build up muscles you didn’t even know you had (seriously skateboarding uses a bunch of weird muscles in your legs!) Flexibility and pain tolerance.

Skateboarding also has a positive impact on mental health, you’ll be outside in the fresh air building your self confidence up as you attempt to learn new things and no doubt have to get back up and dust yourself off after a bail or two each session.


It’s an extremely accessible sport as all you need to start off with is a board and some flat concrete somewhere. We’re lucky enough that around New Zealand we have a tonne of skateparks, mini-ramps and street spots to keep you entertained as you progress along your skate journey. There’s no membership fee, entry fee or uniforms to purchase which also helps keep that financial barrier to entry down.


People of all walks of life, skill levels and age can be found at a skatepark. You’ll meet new people at your local, make some friends and there are a tonne of community groups out there that meet up to skate on the regular if you’re looking for people to skate with but are a bit shy about it. There’s never been so many opportunities to get engaged with the sport.