Getting Started

Want to get into skateboarding but don't know where to start? What board do you buy? How do I learn how to do a sick kickflip? Read on to find out!

The Board

Keen to get into skateboarding? To start out you’ll need to get yourself a board and it’s recommended to get some safety gear too!

When you’re starting out and testing the waters, I’d recommend a ‘complete’ board that can be bought from most skate shops for about $100 (Check out a list of Skate shops around NZ here). A complete board is pre-built and ready to ride straight out of the shop, so it takes away the hassle of figuring out what parts are the right fit, size, shape etc. We would recommend the following sizes depending on your age but if you're near a skateshop head in, say hello and they'll help you find what's right for you.

Age Range Board Size
5-10 7.75"
10-15 8"
15+ 8"+

The entry point of $100-$140 can seem steep but unfortunately cheaper options from The Warehouse, K-mart etc can be more off-putting than helpful! Their poor quality can be the reason you quit skateboarding before you even start. Hyper ride quite often has some complete boards on sale so if you're trying to skate on a budget check em out here

Safety gear is recommended especially when you're first starting out. Wearing a helmet and pads can help avoid injuries and give you the confidence to go a little bit beyond your comfort zone! Most shops carry safety gear so wherever you get your board from should be able to help you out with accompanying safety equipment.

Worried about how you'll look? Andy Anderson is a professional skateboarder and Olympian who rocks a helmet in the streets and is a big advocate of protecting your noggin, check out his part below.

I've got the gear now what?

So now you’ve got your gear and you’re ready to jump on the board, what’s next?

You need to figure out whether you’ll be regular or goofy footed, regular is where your left foot is at the front of the board and goofy is where your right foot is at the front. Try both and see what stance feels comfortable. It's up to you to find what feels right.

Once you’ve got your stance sorted you can start off with the basics of learning to stand on a board and rolling around, you can do this at home in your driveway or garage, in an empty car park or at your local skatepark. Just get comfortable standing on your board, rolling short distances and stopping safely.

If you’re feeling stuck or unsure, YouTube is your friend! There’s a million different channels out there related to skating, find someone you like and watch a few videos to get some advice and visual guides.

Braille skateboarding is one of YouTube’s biggest skate channels, they have a beginner skate video you can watch below or search for one online that you like!